Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is the third Summer that South Hills has hosted a summer missionary.  Last year we had two.  I encourage every church to consider how they might benefit from a college student serving for two months.  At South Hills Baptist Fellowship here in Montana we have seen those blessings - a real boost to VBS, expansion of present ministries and starting new ones.  It is encouraging to have an infusion of energy, ideas, and faith. 
There is another blessing to a Summer Missionary - the impact on the missionary's life.  The first Summer M I had when I served in another state is now a church planter in that state.  How awesome to see how God used our little mission church to impact church planting.  Another Summer M we had answered a call to ministry.  He called me to share the news, and to thank our church for being in the program.
I believe that this is a great program from NAMB.  They screen and transport the missionaries to the field.  NAMB also provides health insurance and a stipend for the summer.  Thank you NAMB - our church would not be able to bring in a person for the summer on our own.

Steve in Montana


Anonymous Frank Gantz said...

Steve, you are spot on with regard to this program. I remembering hosting summer missionaries and it was a blessing for all involved.

8:41 PM  

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