Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Many of us spend many hours and much worry trying to figure out where God wants us to go and what God wants us to do.  We have our own version of 2, 5, and 10 year plans.  But, what if this is not the right approach?  What if we are to be more like Abraham, you know, when he was still called Abram.  God simply said - "Go to a place I will show you."  And to our utter amazement Abram went!!!!!  Did you see it?  No travel plans.  No detailed itinerary.  Just go with God.  God just asks us to walk with Him TODAY!  If we walk with Him each day - we will get THERE, wherever THERE is.
You see, we get focused on what we will do when we get THERE, but God wants us to enjoy the "Getting there."  We are supposed to be journey interested and less destination oriented.  I am not capable of developing a five year plan, but I am able to walk with God.
Steve in Montana

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is the third Summer that South Hills has hosted a summer missionary.  Last year we had two.  I encourage every church to consider how they might benefit from a college student serving for two months.  At South Hills Baptist Fellowship here in Montana we have seen those blessings - a real boost to VBS, expansion of present ministries and starting new ones.  It is encouraging to have an infusion of energy, ideas, and faith. 
There is another blessing to a Summer Missionary - the impact on the missionary's life.  The first Summer M I had when I served in another state is now a church planter in that state.  How awesome to see how God used our little mission church to impact church planting.  Another Summer M we had answered a call to ministry.  He called me to share the news, and to thank our church for being in the program.
I believe that this is a great program from NAMB.  They screen and transport the missionaries to the field.  NAMB also provides health insurance and a stipend for the summer.  Thank you NAMB - our church would not be able to bring in a person for the summer on our own.

Steve in Montana

Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter in Montana

Well, it has been three years since our family left Arkansas for the "last great place," Montana. Winter in Montana is not what most Southerners imagine, but don't tell them - they may want to come! I really do enjoy Winter in Montana. Snow, crisp mornings, the clearest of blue skies, and winter activities are awesome. Church work is not bad either. I grew up in the South, have spent most of my ministry in the South, so I know what many experience. If the weather man says on the Saturday evening news that it might snow, Sunday attendance will be low (even if it doesn't snow). In Montana, we have some of our best days with several inches of fresh snow on the ground.

Last Wednesday was a great "Winter in Montana" evening. The AWANA program at South Hills is in full swing. There were 51 kids involved in AWANA, and we baptized two of them!! Two young ladies who have been in our ministry for a long time. It really was neat to see 50 kids gather around the portable baptistry to see their friends publically proclaim Christ in Baptism.
Merry Christmas
Steve in Montana

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My last post, May 8th, I wrote of God's amazing activity - activity that can only be explained as an act of God and not our plans or agendas. Well, God is still working! SHBF just finished VBS what a blast!!! Our church that averages about 100 in worship, averaged 95 in VBS students - about 160 workers included. Family night saw over 200! There were some saved in VBS, some families touched who need a church home, and the carry over led to some youth saved at a campout.
SHBF is privileged to have 2 NAMB supoorted summer missionaries. One of the reasons our church supports the Cooperative program and our missions offerings is the direct result we see. NAMB transports the missionaries to the field, provides insurance, and a small stipend. We could not have these guys without NAMB.
Here is praying that you see God working in your mission field this summer.
Steve in Montana

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Just like the Christian life that others experience, the life of a Pastor has its ups and downs. Sometimes we want to quit. Sometimes we "grow weary in well doing." Sometimes we work very hard and see no results. Sometimes we just pray a lot. And sometimes God allows us to see Him work in our midst. It is all a part of the journey called "walking with God." One of my seminary professors, Dr. Steve Wilkes, told me one day "You can't plant a mega-church. God calls us to plant churches and in His plan and purpose some of them grow very large."

As a pastor, of course I want to see the church I serve grow. I want to see people enter the Kingdom. I want to see life change. Right now God is allowing me and the rest of South Hills Baptist Fellowship to see Him work. For five straight weeks we have seen people make public decisions - salvation, baptism, church membership in our Morning service. I wish I could give you our "Four Step Growth Plan," but I can't - I don't have one. I am not a better preacher now than the five straight weeks that no one walked the aisle. We do not have a new outreach plan. We have not saturated our community with a special blitz. We have prayed. We do not normally have evening services, but several weeks ago one of our church council members had a burden that we needed to pray for the body. We set aside a Sunday night for a concert of prayer. The body showed up in a big way. We prayed. And then it happened - God just started visibly working right in front of us.

It is exciting. I wonder what else God is going to do. I pray that I will not mess it up. And I am thankful for seeing people respond to God.


Friday, October 15, 2010


Our church - South Hills Baptist Fellowship just finished the last of four days of meetings with Evangelist Rick Ingle and Music Evangelist Phillip Willis. I know Revival will continue because of the faithfulness of God's people to respond to His blessings. A 17 year old young man and two children made public their professions of faith in these services. Many Christians came to the altar each service to pray, and many had invited friends. One young lady, who is new to the area, came at the invitation of a co-worker. She was so excited when she drove up and saw "Baptist" in the name because she was raised in a Baptist Church in Kansas. (Glad we had not taken it out of our name because she said she would be back.)

These days were a vivid reminder of God's plan. Some are retreating - "when you preach the truth, people leave, so we are satisfied with our Holy Huddle." Some have a persecution complex - "It is so hard in Montana." But God is true to His plan and promise. Everywhere, in every culture, in every time that the Gosple is faithfully preached some are saved.

I have personally been challenged to be more faithful in my witness. Bro Rick Ingle preaches the same message, in the same way, from the same Bible in pioneer areas as he does in the "Bible Belt." In recent years he has seen a greater response in pioneer areas than in the South. God help us all to trust Your powerful Word to build Your Kingdom.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Tonight will be night three of Saddle Ridge Ranch - VBS -! Last night we had 70 kids present and over 50 workers! Having a great time. We are also blessed to have our summer missionary (Trevor) and our 4 Associational missionaries helping. We will close out Thursday night. VBS is still something God uses to reach people for salvation. Want to know one reason VBS is successful? Look at my numbers above - no, not the 70 kids - the 50 workers. VBS is a good example of the body of Christ working together for a common goal, and when that happens God shows up. VBS is expensive, time consumming, tiring (exhausting!!!), and I love it.